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Blazers by dayz are especially designed for the fashionable, style-conscious woman. Wearing these casual  jackets will simply make you feel classy, but not too chic. Blazers are so easy to combine. The dayz assortment of blazers consists of sporty blazers and classic ones. The sportive type is designed with welt pockets and has a cool print tape on the jacket’s sleeves. Combine this everday-jacket with your favorite jeans and a basic top and own this casual look!

The classic blazer should definitely be part of your wardrobe. A black women’s jacket matches with almost everything; whether you decide to wear it with a cute dress of baggy jeans. Create more of a boyfriend-look by rolling up the sleeves a bit. Want to create a classier look? Make sure to button up, this way your outfit screams ‘business’!

Let’s be honest, us women can actually never have enough blazers. You can wear them on so many different occasions! Another advantage of the jackets is that you can wear them throughout the year, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. When the days are getting longer and the sun comes out, it gets a bit too warm to wear your winter jacket. Just swap it for a cool blazer, add a large scarf and you’re good to go!