"Season after season, designers strive to answer this question: What do women want?"


Marjon van Antwerpen

The most important thing in todays’ fashion is the amount of different styles that are seen within one collection. Dayz has an exiting story to tell especially to the powerful woman who wants to wear an interesting mix of several styles. With seemingly mismatches, clashing combinations and fiery opposites. A tasteful mixture of fabrics like velvet, lace and suede. Checks, stripes, flowers and leopard prints; all can be worn in one outfit. We have seen this total mash-up of prints on the catwalks of Balenciaga, Vetements and Coach. This wild mix of styles in the new dayz collection subscribes the fact that everything is possible and that fashion is more a styling thing nowadays. Todays’ woman mixes and matches several styles and switches just like that from cool to chique and the other way around. Just the way she wants it! Have a nice dayz!