Blues & Greens

"Season after season, designers strive to answer this question: What do women want?"


Marjon van Antwerpen

Smile, greet, thank, smell, feel, observe, listen, dare, wind, leafs… Autumn is coming! The feminine silhouette this fall; classic with a modern twist. Subtle prints, flowers and stripes for that female touch. Time is slowly coming tot rade in our airy cottons for fluent and flowy knits, which we comfortably wear with faux suede or faux vintage leather items. Something which is always good to have in your closet: prints. We noticed funky patterns and cute little prints on the catwalk, preferably wildly combined so the viewer thinks ‘what’s going on here?!’ Stripes also take part again. Apart from classical stripes much room has been left for fantasystripes. What struck us most is the end-result is touched by imperfection. Stripes seem unfinished, they fade into another design or are part of another print. The new season is clearly about prints; lots of prints. Wear colourfull checks, lavish flowers or modest black and white. Or, better yet, mix everything together! Dayz shows you how to Up-Date your wardrobe with just a few adaptions. Have a nice dayz!