Pastel Shades

"Season after season, designers strive to answer this question: What do women want?"


Marjon van Antwerpen

Bright pastel colours are very much ‘this season’ and experts say these pastels give you a preppy image. Think about the brand Lacoste, all plain colors, often in pastel shades. And these are combined, on purpose, with more pastel shades! Light yellow pants, soft pink polo’s and babyblue sneakers. You might know someone who totally rocks this ultimate preppy look. Maybe this is not really your cup of tea, then you could mix pastel shades with warm metallics and lighter shades. Think camel, sand, off white, denim, bronze, gold or cognac… These combinations make everything less ‘sweet’ and make things look less colorfull, and that might just be what you need to make you feel better. Have a nice dayz!