it's a thin line

"Season after season, designers strive to answer this question: What do women want?"


Marjon van Antwerpen

Every season we see stripes pass by and also every season there’s this question: How to Wear Stripes? How do I combine stripes without looking like a sailor? It’s no secret vertical lines lengthen and horizontal stripes give more volume where we need it. So it’s up to you to play with these special effects. If you introduce stripes in your outfit make sure to avoid a mishmash with lots of bright colors, because when combined with plain white it is far more accessible. And what about stripes teamed up with denim for a casual touch? These happy stripes could just add that little something extra to your jeanslook. If you can stand some more fancyness and you’ve got the art of optical illusion covered, then go wild with combining stripes with stripes, stripes with flowers, or stripes with lace items. For pro’s only… Have a nice dayz!