Hibiscus Red

"Season after season, designers strive to answer this question: What do women want?"


Marjon van Antwerpen

Today red is, the color of your..top! It’s romantic, fiery, powerful, sexy, I think you catch my drift. Supercool, of course, but how to combine this without getting an ‘in your face’ outfit. Thankfully dayz has the perfect solution for this. Read here how ‘all-round’ color Hibiscus really is and how easily it is to combine. Red and dark blue are are a classy pair; the classical look, the French look, the Navy look. Never extremely ‘in’, but especially it is never ‘out’. Dark blue goes particularly well with bright red (Hibiscus Red) shades. Trendsetters and daredevils are not afraid to wear red with so-called ‘clashing’ colours. But preferably they wear it with pastel shades like salmon pink, baby pink, light blue and minty green…do the beautiful items of dayz also make you happy? Grap every oppurtunity to wear red, and shine with confidence, energy and sensuality. Have a nice dayz!